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March 10 is a special day, I will go to work in pajamas...

8 March 2023

It's not because I'm lazy to put on my suit or because my alarm clock didn't ring this morning (although that happens to me too often) but to support a cause that is particularly close to our hearts at Un Verre d' Water.

Pajama Day is an event invented by our Belgian friends to raise awareness of the cause of children in long-term hospitalization. Participate with us in this special day and maybe win a beautiful pajamas 😉!

Every hour counts!

February 10 2023

A magnitude 7,8 earthquake struck Turkey and northern Syria on Monday February 6 causing the destruction of several major cities including Kahramanmaras the epicenter and Aleppo in Syria. The latest assessment indicates at least 20 dead but it continues to increase!

The concern is now for the 300 people who find themselves without housing but also without drinking water in freezing cold and even in the snow. With each natural disaster, too many people are dying either from preventable diseases or from drinking unsafe water.

Milk and Love!

15 Janvier 2023

Coming to Chad at the age of 20, Monique Burkhardt was entrusted with two abandoned newborns, doomed to certain death. For her and her husband Jeanpierre, this is the beginning of a great story in the service of Chadian orphans. Since then, the small structure has grown and has become the Betsaleel orphanage, which will save and accompany more than 150 children until adulthood.

The couple continued their work as far as the capital, N'Djamena, then handed over to local teams. After 50 years of mission, Monique looks back on the exceptional adventure which led her and her husband to give milk and love to the orphan children of Chad and to accompany them until adulthood.

To dream in plastic arts is to dream of life

21 September 2022

The NOC Association! organizes, animates and creates plastic arts workshops in Paris hospitals, for children and adolescents hospitalized for a very long period.

These plastic arts workshops aim to offer a window of imagination, creativity and expression, giving them a moment of escape throughout their treatment.

Madagascar: After the storm!

July 29 2022

In just one month, three cyclones have hit the island of Madagascar. Thousands of families suddenly found themselves in need but thanks to your generosity, they can now envisage a future!

Ukraine: The dawn of a global food crisis!

June 25, 2022

The war in Ukraine caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Europe, 5.9 million Ukrainians left the country (mainly women and children).

But this war does not only have repercussions in Europe, it risks causing a major food crisis in North Africa and the Middle East!

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Who is Un Verre d'Eau?

Un Verre d'eau is a French endowment fund created in 2020 whose objective is to shine a spotlight on critical humanitarian situations and on the action of local associative actors. Find out more


Can I donate by bank transfer, SEPA or check?

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How are my donations used?

Donations from this campaign will be distributed 100% to partner associations and beneficiaries. Un Verre d'Eau takes no operating costs on your donations. If you want to help Un Verre d'Eau help, you can donate through our dedicated campaign. Find out more


What is our practical approach?

Un Verre d'Eau begins its action with a detailed survey of the needs and actors during a humanitarian crisis. A visit is then made to ensure the seriousness of the actors and the preservation of the dignity of the beneficiaries. Thanks to its network of professionals, Un Verre d'Eau is finally orchestrating a media campaign to highlight the urgency of a situation and projects to respond to this emergency. Find out more


How can I help ?

A donation is obviously the most effective way to help the work of Un Verre d’Eau and its partners. However, you can also help us by sharing the campaign with those around you.


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We issue tax receipts to all donors, however not all donors will be able to benefit from a tax deduction.

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Is my payment secure?

Our donation solution, Donorbox, uses Stripe's secure token mechanism. Card numbers are tokenized (the number is replaced by an indecipherable string, ie: `tok_fafds23423 ') before debiting the card. Registered cards and bank accounts for recurring donations are also tokenized. As a result, Donorbox and Un Verre d'Eau have no record of the donor's card number in their database. This means that hackers will never get sensitive banking information from us.


Can I make my donation in currencies other than the euro?

Your donations can be made in euros, pounds sterling, dollars, Canadian dollars and Swiss francs.

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