La generosity,
A way to hope!

All over the world, small associations are struggling to offer a future and hope to the poorest.
Together we can help them!

Our current campaigns

A village for the street children of Madagascar!

In 2018, a UN report reported 2 children abandoned on the streets of Tananarive, the capital. Five years later, this sad figure has risen to more than 24!

To break the vicious circle of poverty and violence, these children need to be protected and to be loved, they need education and vocational training, they need care and food… C is what every child deserves and what the association 2400 smiles will bring them.

On a 9-hectare site outside the city, the association is building a village which will welcome 40 children by the end of 2023 with the objective of reaching 250 children in the long term. 2400 smiles needs our help to finalize the construction of the village and to obtain the approval of the Malagasy social services. As banal as it may seem, it is bricks, cement, sheet metal, windows, furniture, etc. that are missing today to begin to offer these children a future.

Let's be ready for the emergency!

Wars and natural disasters multiply and each time families lose everything and suddenly find themselves in need. In order to respond quickly to these needs, we have created an emergency fund so that we are always ready to help and rebuild!

Friends and partner associations

A Glass of Water in numbers:

342 000 €

collected during various campaigns for the associations present on the ground

4 000

families helped including 7 600 children thanks to friendly associations present in the field


actions carried out in collaboration with our friendly associations in the field

Articles and news

March 10 is a special day, I will go to work in pajamas...

8 March 2023

It's not because I'm lazy to put on my suit or because my alarm clock didn't ring this morning (although that happens to me too often) but to support a cause that is particularly close to our hearts at Un Verre d' Water.

Pajama Day is an event invented by our Belgian friends to raise awareness of the cause of children in long-term hospitalization. Participate with us in this special day and maybe win some beautiful pajamas!

Every hour counts!

February 10 2023

A magnitude 7,8 earthquake struck Turkey and northern Syria on Monday February 6 causing the destruction of several major cities including Kahramanmaras the epicenter and Aleppo in Syria. The latest assessment indicates at least 20 dead but it continues to increase!

The concern is now for the 300 people who find themselves without housing but also without drinking water in freezing cold and even in the snow. With each natural disaster, too many people are dying either from preventable diseases or from drinking unsafe water.

Why A Glass of Water?

And whoever has given one of these little ones to drink only a glass of cold water as a disciple, I tell you the truth, that he will not lose his reward.

Words of Jesus

(Matthew 10:42)