After Ana and Batsirai, let's blow a wave of generosity to raise Madagascar!

Madagascar has suffered since the beginning of the year, the repeated attacks of several cyclones and between the destruction of habitats and floods, the situation of the poorest in this big island is truly catastrophic.
The Un Verre d'Eau endowment fund has decided to set up a campaign to reach out very quickly to the most disadvantaged.

February 2020 "Milk to Save Babies in Chad"

This is a fruitful campaign which has been the means of raising funds to supply milk to the totally destitute SMIs of N'Djamena and Koumra for 6 babies per year over 000 years.

July 2020 "Project 2500 packages"

With this campaign, we have helped the AFPESF association which is the social arm of the Porte Ouverte church in Mulhouse. Our action was to finance 2500 food parcels for the charity grocery store of the association at a time when this region was beginning to suffer the economic and social consequences, for many families, following the first confinement.