Our friends in the field

Emergency Medicine Association


Medair is a humanitarian organization driven by the Christian faith. Its goal is to alleviate human suffering in some of the most remote and devastated places in the world.

The NGO has existed since 1989 and helps families in crisis to survive and recover with dignity, regardless of their origin, creed or nationality.

Medair's incredible ability to mobilize quickly and effectively in disaster-stricken areas and push back to bring us together to provide them with our support during the Ukraine crisis and for the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Sauveteurs Sans Frontières

The idea of ​​SSF is simple: shorten the arrival time for help to save more lives.

SSF rescuers have intervened on numerous emergency relief missions, following natural disasters or conflicts (Sri Lanka, Burma, Haiti, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Mali, Israel and the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Kurdistan Iraqi). After their interventions, they create local branches, organize first aid training, medical aid actions, set up educational centers, and provide psychological follow-up.

The 3 letters of SSF illustrate its main objectives: Save, Heal, Train.

To save more lives, treat to serve one's neighbor, Former to be stronger and more efficient


NOC – We Create!

The NOC Association! organizes, leads and creates visual arts workshops in the Necker, Institut Curie and Louis Mourier hospitals, for children and adolescents hospitalized for a very long period. These plastic arts workshops aim to offer a window of imagination, creativity and expression, giving them a moment of escape throughout their treatment. Since 2005, more than 3500 young people have benefited from these visual arts workshops.

The NOC Association! offers these workshops to children and adolescents with serious pathologies ( cancers, kidney failure, psychiatric disorders… ). These workshops are free, regular and permanent within the hospitals. They enable children to improve their quality of life in hospital as part of an overall care process.

En 2021, NO! has proposed 230 workshops with 650 holdings and 1120 hours of lessons despite the difficult context linked to the health crisis. 162 new beneficiary patients joined the workshops as well as 150 indirect beneficiaries.


Triumphant mercy

Triumphant Mercy has been battling for the last 15 years to help the needy in Beirut.

With remarkable efficiency, the association grants aid for the various communities of Lebanon in crisis.

First, the charity took care of survivors of the 2006 war, then of Syrian refugees in 2011.

Today, the abundant needs of families in Beirut are at the heart of its action.

Thanks to the funding already obtained, the association was able to provide food packets to 1236 families as well as medicines to 150 people.

Our support is vital for all these families!


Tahaddi is an oasis in the middle of a Beirut slum where poverty is omnipresent.

For more than 20 years now, Tahaddi has been the only organization providing education and a future for underprivileged children in the Hay El Gharbeh district.

Your help has enabled approximately 185 children to continue their education and have a chance to escape poverty.

Faced with the crisis, this centre needs our support so that its children can continue to follow an educational program!

Center for Armenian Handicapped in Lebanon

The CAHL takes care of the seniors of Lebanon who find themselves alone and without resources.

Managed by the Armenian community, the institution reaches out to the Lebanese as they themselves did about 100 years ago to the survivors of the Armenian genocide.

Unfortunately, local donors who once supported the institution no longer have the means to do so.

Your donations have made it possible and continue to make it possible care for 120 residents.

Maintaining their dignity depends on our generosity!

spring of life

Located in Bourj Hammond, one of the districts most affected by the port explosion, "Spring of Life" (SOL) continues to help the many families who today find themselves with nothing.

Educational programmes are at the heart of SOL's mission, as many Syrian and Lebanese children no longer have access to education.

The daily meals served by the association are essential for these children who do not have food every day. Together, let's give these deprived children a future !

Aschrafieh Social Association (ASA)

For the elderly in the Aschrafieh district, ASA is a lifeline.

Offering comfort, emotional support, food and medicine, the two founding sisters of the ASA association take care of their elderly with remarkable love.

Their actions and therefore their beneficiaries are threatened today. Due to lack of resources, this crucial aid risks being interrupted.

Thanks to you, more than 1800 hot meals have been distributed to destitute elderly people in Beirut.

Let us help them to continue their mission!

Saint Vincent de Paul

Perched in the mountains surrounding Beirut, the inhabitants of Hammana had to face an extremely harsh winter.

Faced with the impossible dilemma of choosing between heating and food for their families, the inhabitants called on us for help.

Your generosity responded to this call and allowed us to distribute 15 tonnes of fuel to warm the hearts and bodies of 345 families.

They thank you!


2400 smiles

2400 smiles is the crazy project of Romain and Séverine Lagache for the street children of Tananarive, the capital of Madagascar.

Orphans or abandoned, these children dream of leaving the streets and being able to go to school. The Franc-Comtois couple started building a village to welcome these children and get them out of this urban hell. Canteen, school, playgrounds, housing… everything is planned to offer them the best.

On a plot of 9 hectares outside the city, the village is in the process of emerging from the ground and will make it possible to welcome 40 children by the end of 2023 with the objective of reaching 250 children in the long term.

A Malagasy Miracle

The Miracle Malagasy was born in 2017, following the passage of Eric Célérier and his team in Madagascar.

The humanitarian needs are enormous in Madagascar, which is ranked among the 5 poorest countries in the world and which has suffered a succession of natural disasters (cyclone, floods, etc.).

The action of a Malagasy Miracle also supports orphanages in the region, associations in charge of the disabled, and even a basic health center which takes care of malnourished children...

The Miracle Malagasy has finally been the hand bringing your help to the villages affected by cyclones Batsirai and Emnati.


Heart & ACT

L’association marocaine Cœur & ACT est présente dans le Haut Atlas depuis 2018. Chaque année, l’association distribue des colis alimentaires et des biens de première nécessité aux familles et aux villages les plus démunis durant les périodes importantes de la vie des familles marocaines (Ramadan, Hiver, etc.).

L’association connait parfaitement les besoins et la géographie de cette région particulièrement pauvre et reculée du Maroc. C’est ce qui lui permet aujourd’hui de guider les secouristes de SSF vers les rescapés du séisme et vers les situations les plus urgentes.

Leur soutien va aussi permettre d’assurer que l’aide envoyée par Un Verre d’Eau pour le séisme soit la plus efficace possible et la plus adaptée aux besoins des villages touchés.



Betsaleel was born more than 50 years ago
when its founder, Monique Burkhardt, was entrusted with two abandoned newborn babies, doomed to certain death. For her and her husband Jeanpierre, this is the beginning of a great story in the service of Chadian orphans.

After saving and supporting 150 children
until adulthood, the orphanage is transformed to be able to fight more effectively against the
child malnutrition which plagues the country.

Chad is the second country in the world most affected by food insecurity. Nearly 40% of its population is undernourished. And babies are the first victims of hunger.

Betsaleel acts on the spot to respond to the emergency and allow these babies to be fed, cared for and to flourish in better conditions.

Today, the association welcomes around 16 children per year in its care centers (000).

Frequently Asked Questions

We have grouped together the most frequently asked questions here. If you cannot find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@unverredeau.com.


Who is Un Verre d'Eau?

Un Verre d'eau is a French endowment fund created in 2020 whose objective is to shine a spotlight on critical humanitarian situations and on the action of local associative actors. Find out more


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How are my donations used?

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What is our practical approach?

Un Verre d'Eau begins its action with a detailed survey of the needs and actors during a humanitarian crisis. A visit is then made to ensure the seriousness of the actors and the preservation of the dignity of the beneficiaries. Thanks to its network of professionals, Un Verre d'Eau is finally orchestrating a media campaign to highlight the urgency of a situation and projects to respond to this emergency. Find out more


How can I help ?

A donation is obviously the most effective way to help the work of Un Verre d’Eau and its partners. However, you can also help us by sharing the campaign with those around you.


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We issue tax receipts to all donors, however not all donors will be able to benefit from a tax deduction.

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