The war in Ukraine caused an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Europe, 5.9 million Ukrainians left the country (mainly women and children) while more than 7 million fled the fighting but remained in the country.

Faced with this crisis, Un Verre d'Eau does not want and cannot remain indifferent. This is why we support theMedair stock with Ukrainian refugees and the communities that host them. Shelters are now overcrowded and access to sanitation facilities and health services is limited. Medair provides essential food and logistical support to these centers.

On the other hand, the mission of Un Verre d'Eau is to shed light on causes that have been forgotten or ignored by the mainstream media. A Glass of Water therefore does not organize any direct action.

7 to 13 millions additional people suffering from undernutrition due to the Ukrainian conflict
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Forgotten causes, this is unfortunately not what is missing and the Ukrainian crisis risks provoking a serious food crisis in North Africa and the Middle East. Indeed, the start of the war interrupted grain exports from Ukraine (now reserved for the country) and greatly reduced exports from Russia.

Some countries, like Lebanon, which we support through our the countryside, are greatly dependent on exports from Ukraine and Russia. Our partners in the field report an increase in food prices of more than 30%, while the country has already seen a 250% increase in these same prices due to the economic crisis.

Lebanon is not the only country affected, indeed, the price index of basic foodstuffs has not been so high for 60 years. Ukraine and Russia alone account for 15% of world cereal production and 30% of exports. Coupled with rising agricultural production costs and poor harvests in South America, the current situation poses a serious threat to the food security of millions of people. Early FAO analysis shows that the Ukrainian conflict could force 7 to 13 million additional people into undernutrition and worsen the situation of millions of people already undernourished.

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