Current campaign

2 years after the explosion of the port of Beirut, the country continues to sink into an unprecedented crisis.
The Un Verre d'Eau endowment fund has decided to give hope to these surviving families by setting up a campaign dedicated to their needs.

Help us take action

We want 100% of the donations received for the campaigns organized by Un Verre d'Eau to be donated to beneficiaries and partner associations. But the campaigns we organize all the same have a cost (cf. Our approach) and this is why we invite you to help us to act, to help us to help.

Emergency fund

Un Verre d'Eau has set up an emergency fund to be able to respond immediately to needs fundamentals of populations affected by natural disaster or conflict. These needs can be diverse and varied but mainly concern access to water, food, shelter, sanitation and care.


Your donation is eligible for a tax receipt if you are resident in France. Donors residing in the European Union can also benefit from a tax reduction if their country of origin allows it. On the other hand, donors residing outside the European Union cannot claim a tax reduction in their country of origin.

We are committed to providing you with a report on the use of the funds received by Un Verre d'Eau, whether for campaigns, for operations or for the emergency fund. We are also committed to informing you of the results of your donations in the field.

100% of donations for campaigns or for the emergency fund will be used for beneficiaries and partner associations. Un Verre d'Eau will only finance its operating costs through the dedicated campaign “Help us to act”. Any excess over operating costs will be half allocated to retained earnings and the other half to the emergency fund.