The January 22 2022, Cyclone Ana hits Madagascar triggering floods in the center of the country and especially in the capital of Antananarivo. Thanks to its emergency fund, Un Verre d'Eau was able to quickly come to the aid of many affected families.

14 days later, February 5, 2022, it is Cyclone Batsirai's turn to ravage the island. Batsirai is much more powerful than Ana and destroys more than 8 homes, forcing 000 people to leave their villages.  

Faced with this chain of disasters, we had to act and we knew that we could call on your generosity to help these countless families plunged into the most total destitution, following the devastation caused by the cyclones.

And you answered that call! In just 4 days, our goal was already achieved! What encouragement! Thanks !

But while our campaign has just begun, the situation is getting worse on the island. On February 22, 2022, Cyclone Emnati hits the same villages that have already suffered the destruction of Batsirai.

We have therefore decided to increase our fundraising goal in the hope of being able to provide even greater support to these many families who have lost everything and who must once again flee the storm and its ravages.

Once again, we were struck by your exceptional generosity! The campaign raised more than double the initial goal! What a beautiful demonstration of charity!

Thanks to you, an expedition to the villages most affected by the cyclones was organized at the beginning of March 2022. Our partners in the field were thus able to bring aid and comfort to 875 families (around 5 people including 000 children).

The many volunteers of this expedition distributed food (rice, sugar, dried grains…) but also essential goods for survival after the passage of cyclones (soap, blankets, mosquito nets…).

Because your donations have greatly exceeded our initial objective, it has been possible to think beyond the emergency and provide help to rebuild and prepare for the future in these devastated villages!

Work to rebuild schools and homes has even been launched in the villages. Two architects generously helped with the design and monitoring of the works in collaboration with a local team. These constructions have been specifically designed to better withstand cyclones and storms.

Thus, the volunteers distributed fishing nets to families close to the ocean, agricultural tools and seeds to the inhabitants of the villages inland and supplies to each child of school age.

These families would have been on their own without you, but thanks to your generosity, they can now plan and prepare for their future and that of their children more serenely. We can never thank you enough.

Your gift opens the way to hope for them.
THANK YOU ! Infinitely thank you!

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