March 10 is a special day, I will go to work in pajamas...

It's not because I'm lazy to put on my suit or because my alarm clock didn't ring this morning (although that happens to me too often) but to support a cause that is particularly close to our hearts at Un Verre d' Water.

Pajama Day is an event invented by our Belgian friends to raise awareness of the cause of children in long-term hospitalization. We have all experienced confinement. Hospitalization is confinement but longer and to which are added health concerns.

For a child, it's a window that closes! No longer possible to see his friends, no longer possible to go play outside... Daily life is then punctuated by medical examinations, injections, taking medication, painful care...

So if I go to work in my pajamas on March 10, it is to send a message of solidarity to all these children but also to their parents for whom the wait for medical results is stressful and endless.

It is also to send a huge smile!
Our action is not serious but the cause it supports is to the highest degree.

Finally, if I go to work in pajamas, it's for the caregivers who fight every day to save our children and for associations like NO! who bring color, beauty and joy to the hospital.

“At the age of nine, I was hospitalized for three years in a children's hospital in Tours. At this age, this drastic change in my daily life generated a lot of fear and stress. This period represents for me a nightmare from which it took me a long time to heal. If at that time, I had had access to NOC's plastic arts workshops! I'm sure I could have had at least one or two great memories from the hospital.”
Hanh-Phuc, member of A Glass of Water

Our friend Elodie and her team are doing an incredible job that deserves to be known! Thanks to their art workshops in hospitals, children find a bubble in which they can give free rein to their imagination and where they can escape for a moment from their daily lives. Because when living is complicated, creating becomes a necessity!

So do like me this March 10 and put on your best pajamas!
(if your boss has a sense of humor of course or if you are the boss!)

Massively share this fun action around you!
Be crazy! Make a Selfie and send it to us at, we will display them all on one wall of our site and also on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook)! Do not hesitate to post it on your social networks by tagging us (@unverredeau_fdd).
The most beautiful photo (according to our "objective" jury 😇) will receive Un Verre d'Eau pajamas!

3 thoughts on “Pajama Day”

  1. Glory to God for these wonderful organizations, don't give up!

    Courage, strength, faith, power, restoration, compassion, love, hope upon you!

    Be richly assisted and enriched by the depth, breadth, length and height of the Divine Love of the Lord and Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ!!!

    Good continuity,

    Your sister in Jesus 💗🙏🏽
    Julie Tremblay Lamontagne


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