Every hour counts

Medair needs us to deal with this disaster in the middle of winter!

Every hour counts

Medair needs us to deal with this disaster in the middle of winter!

A magnitude 7,8 earthquake struck Turkey and northern Syria on Monday February 6 causing the destruction of several major cities including Kahramanmaras the epicenter and Aleppo in Syria. The latest assessment indicates at least 21 dead but it continues to increase!

The European Union has mobilized 1 rescue workers on site. It is for them a real race against time to get the survivors out of the rubble. Unfortunately, the chances of survival are dwindling hour by hour.

The concern is now for the 300 people who find themselves without housing but also without drinking water in freezing cold and even in the snow. With each natural disaster, too many people are dying either from preventable diseases or from drinking unsafe water.

" he [East] imperative to ensure that those who survived the initial disaster continue to survive”
Robert Holden
Earthquake Response Officer at the World Health Organization

In Syria, the situation is catastrophic! The country, already ravaged by 12 years of civil war, is facing shortages of fuel (and therefore heating) and a cholera epidemic which further weaken already very vulnerable communities.

Our partner Medair is on site to provide care, water, survival equipment and emergency accommodation for families. Our help will allow them to meet the most urgent needs of the survivors. Thanks to Emergency Fund donors, A Glass of Water supports Medair's work with these means. Help us do more!

Medair teams working with survivor families in Aleppo!

Faced with such a crisis,
every donation counts,
every donation saves!

Faced with such a crisis, every donation counts, every donation saves!

2 thoughts on “Earthquake in Turkey and Syria”

  1. I hope that “a glass of water” is a serious association, that the funds arrive all for the disaster victims and not mainly for the administrative work and others as often happens. May God help these people, may He also help all the volunteers who offer their help with altruism and sincerity.

    • Hello and thank you for your interest in A Glass of Water,
      Because every donation counts, we are committed to donating 100% of the donations received to the beneficiary associations. We are also committed to the integrity and efficiency of the chosen partners. You can, if you wish, learn more on our page Who are we?
      Be blessed,
      The team of A Glass of Water


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