With our know-how, our professional experiences, the wide spectrum of skills that we can mobilize, we want to raise awareness and invite a large audience to act with us, through campaigns on social networks, using videos , mailings, etc.

We wish to work in collaboration with local relays, who are in direct contact with the causes that we want to support, and we are committed to checking their integrity beforehand in order to guarantee the success of the projects and therefore to reach the beneficiaries of our campaigns.

The campaigns are supported by communication plans in the various media: press, radio, television, the aim being to be the most widely disseminated to reach the greatest number of people and invite them to donate to support our actions. We believe that the love and generosity that we carry as essential values ​​to our action still resonate in our society, and we want to be facilitators for all those who wish to manifest them.

True generosity towards the future consists in giving everything to the present.
Albert Camus

We use simple, reliable and proven collection tools. The security of transactions, the guarantee of confidentiality and the protection of individual data are ensured at the highest level respecting the most demanding standards.


1 Identification of projects

Un Verre d'Eau wishes to highlight situations that are little known to the general public because they receive little media coverage. That is why we are closely following the evolution of humanitarian emergencies that have left the media cycle.

2 Field survey

Once a project has been identified, we will go out into the field and meet the associations which are making every effort to resolve the problem and take care of the affected populations.

3 Choice of partners

The choice of partners is made by the entire Un Verre d'Eau team according to criteria of aid effectiveness, administrative management, preservation of the dignity of beneficiaries and emergency.

4 Organization of a media campaign

Un Verre d'Eau then activates its network of partners to quickly and efficiently organize a media campaign to highlight the situation and the action of partner associations.

5 Launch of the call for generosity

Finally, a call for the generosity of the public is launched and relayed by the network of Un Verre d'Eau partners to reach as many people as possible. What the associations present on the ground could not have done alone.

6 Deployment of activities

Once the media campaign is over, Un Verre d'Eau distributes the funds collected between the targeted associations and organizes the logistical distribution of the aid.

7 Order Tracking

Un Verre d'Eau obviously follows the evolution of the situation and the impact of the campaign to keep donors informed of the results of their donations.