Hit by one of the worst economic crises in history, the Lebanese find themselves today without work, without resources and even without food! Many have lost hope in this country where they were born.

Despite a more than uncertain future, many Lebanese continue to fight to restore some dignity to their fellow human beings. Many families have lost everything because of this crisis and the monumental explosion that destroyed much of the city.

But these good Samaritans today are overwhelmed, because those who live in need and who were only a minority a few years ago now represent more than 80% of the population!

Donations from this campaign are distributed to 100% to partner associations and beneficiaries. A Glass of Water does not take any operating costs on your donations. If you want to help A Glass of Water help, you can donate through our dedicated campaign.

Together, we can support these good hearted volunteers !
Together, we can offer a little respite to these families who have lost everything!
Together, let's commit to helping 10,000 families!

Donations from this campaign are distributed to 100% to partner associations and beneficiaries. A Glass of Water does not take any operating costs on your donations. If you want to help A Glass of Water help, you can donate through our dedicated campaign.

"I think it's a crime if I leave Lebanon today they need need us now more than ever! "
Said Deeb
Spring of Life

“The poverty is so stark that it prevents young people from being able to dream and be able toimagine a future ! "
Catherine Mourtada

“The situation in Lebanon is unrelenting, we've been going from one disaster to another for years. It feels like there is no light at the end of the tunnel!
Nouna Matar
Triumphant mercy



Although the situation in the country is dire, we have discovered many people of goodwill who have not given up on hope and who continue to struggle to bring light to the dark lives of families. With particular attention to the most vulnerable, among other things, they offer dignity to the elderly and a future to the children of the Pays du Cèdre.

Un Verre d'Eau has gone in search of these local humanitarian actors who are trying to meet the countless needs of the Lebanese population. Among them, Nouna Matar is a woman bursting with energy. She started her association, Triumphant Mercy, in 2006 because she was shocked by the Shiite refugees who were arriving en masse in Beirut to flee the war between Israel and Hezbollah. Then in 2011, it was the war in Syria that pushed more than a million refugees to cross the borders of Lebanon. Again, moved by the situation of the children, Nouna will open with determination no less than 4 schools in just 3 years and will thus allow 500 children from the refugee camps to be educated.

Since that time, she has not stopped, as the needs have not stopped. So far, her charity takes care of at least 1 families in Beirut, who were victims of the explosion and the following crisis. She distributes food and essentials to many impoverished families.

Nouna is remarkable, however she is only one example among many others! Lebanon is full of good Samaritans who need us!


Tahaddi is an oasis in the middle of a slum where poverty is omnipresent.

For more than 20 years now, Tahaddi has been the only organization providing education and a future for underprivileged children in the Hay El Gharbeh district.

Faced with the crisis, this center needs our support so that their children can further their education !

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Triumphant mercy

Triumphant Mercy has been battling for the last 15 years to help the needy in Beirut.

With remarkable efficiency, the association grants aid for the various communities of Lebanon in crisis.

First, she took care of survivors of the 2006 war, then with Syrian refugees in 2011.

Today, the needs of families in Beirut are abundant and our support is vital to them!

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The CAHL takes care of the seniors of Lebanon who find themselves alone and without resources.

Managed by the Armenian community, the institution reaches out to the Lebanese as they themselves did about 100 years ago to the survivors of the Armenian genocide.

Unfortunately, local donors who once supported the institution no longer have the means to do so. Let's help them overcome the crisis!

spring of life

Located in Bourj Hammond, one of the districts most affected by the port explosion, "Spring of Life" (SOL) continues to help the many families who today find themselves with nothing.

Educational programmes are at the heart of SOL's mission, as many Syrian and Lebanese children no longer have access to education.

The daily meals served by the association are essential for these children who do not have food every day. Together, let's give these deprived children a future !

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Aschrafieh Social Association (ASA)

For the elderly in the Aschrafieh district, ASA is a lifeline.

Offering comfort, emotional support, food and medicine, the two founding sisters of the ASA association take care of their elderly with remarkable love.

Their actions and therefore their beneficiaries are threatened today. Due to lack of resources, this crucial aid risks being interrupted. Let us help them to continue their mission!



The Lebanese are now facing one of the worst economic crises in world history. In just two years, 80% of the population is fell below the poverty line. The vast majority of Lebanese have lost almost all of their hard-earned savings and the devaluation makes themost essential goods financially inaccessible.

Shortages affect all the basic necessities of life: gasoline, water, electricity, medicine and even food, and become difficult to obtain. The priority now is survival!

This already difficult survival is impossible for the most vulnerable such as children and the elderly. Seniors are completely dependent on associations, because families no longer have the means to take care of their elders, nor can they manage to take care of themselves.

Children's education is under threat. Once the pride of the country, education is on the brink of disaster. The country's electricity grid is failing and countless families are without access to a computer or the internet. The pandemic has insified this problem with the schools being closed down. Today, their doors are still shut but mainly due to the economic crisis.



For more than 7 years, the sumptuous coasts of Lebanon have welcomed the various merchants of the Mediterranean, transforming the region into a commercial, cultural and religious crossroads which has always attracted the envy of great empires.

Eager for domination, these empires have fought over Lebanon by using and fuelling the sectarian tensions. This triggered the Civil War in Lebanon: a bloody conflict that still divides the country today. The scars of these clashes are ever present in the minds of the people, and remain visible on the walls of the capital.

Rather than seeking appeasement at the end of the war, Lebanese leaders prefer to perpetuate the country's religious tensions to divide, steal and stay in power. In 30 years, corruption becomes the norm in all spheres of the state and nothing is done for the people.

The explosion of the port, the result of this corruption, is a new trauma for a city and a country already so damaged. This explosion, one of the most powerful in history, destroys the last hopes of the Lebanese towards their leaders.

Exhausted from being the collateral victims of the interference and corruption of others, the Lebanese are now turning to charities, because they are the only ones to really act in their interest.



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