After Ana, Batsirai and now Emnati!
let's blow a wave of generosity to raise Madagascar!

In just 20 days, the two cyclones wreaked havoc on the island. In 20 days, we can help families get back on their feet!

Thank you for your incredible generosity! The goal of €40 was reached in record time! Let's continue our momentum, it will only be more families helped!

A new cyclone, Emnati, hit the coasts of Madagascar on Tuesday evening. This monster with winds of 200 km/h ravaged the regions already violently affected by Batsirai a fortnight earlier. Faced with this new cataclysm, we are raising our objective to increase our capacity to help a greater number of families to restore themselves once again!

Together, let's decide to be a bright spot for thousands of Malagasy people!

Donations from this campaign are distributed to 100 % to partner associations and beneficiaries. A Glass of Water does not take any operating costs on your donations. If you want to help A Glass of Water help, you can donate through our dedicated campaign.

Ana, despite this rather sympathetic name, plunged Antananarivo under downpours causing devastating floods in the slums of the capital. 20 days later, Batsirai hit the southeast of the country even harder with gusts reaching 230 km/h. The region and the city of Mananjary were completely devastated by its passage. These two disastrous events caused and continue to cause many victims: according to the first estimates, the cyclones caused the death of more than 90 people, to which must be added nearly 200.000 displaced persons and 439 schools partially destroyed.

This is unfortunately not the first time that Madagascar (the 5th poorest country in the world) has faced the consequences of climate change. The year 2021 was marked by the worst drought of the last 40 years with 1.4 million people in food insecurity and the year 2022 begins with the most devastating cyclone of the last 25 years. Our help is needed more than ever.

We cannot remain insensitive to the disarray of these thousands of people, children and parents alike who have lost everything. Houses and furniture are destroyed and personal effects taken away. Food and means of subsistence are lacking. Let us be with them in the times of distress they are going through today and with them when they rebuild their lives.

Each donation, whether large or small, can help in the emergency and change the daily lives of disaster victims.

What do your donations fund?

The first emergency is food, which is sorely lacking for the 200 people affected!

Water and hygiene products are essential so that diseases do not spread following the disaster!

Families have lost everything! They lack clothes, blankets, mattresses, pots...


The ''Un Verre d'Eau'' endowment fund is fortunate to have reliable relays in Madagascar who have already been able to help a large number of families following Cyclone Ana.

Esther Razanampinoana has been keen for several years to help the “laundry women” of Ankadipataka. These women, most of whom are widowed or abandoned by their husbands, earn 1 or 2 centimes per garment washed. Un Verre d'Eau has funded the village laundry and also funds their children's schooling each year. Unfortunately, these women had to flee their homes because of Cyclone Ana and lost everything.

The Malagasy Miracle supports orphanages in the Tananarive region as well as street children and the disabled in slums. Thanks to the emergency fund of Un Verre d'Eau, the association quickly set up emergency aid for a hundred families following Cyclone Ana.

We are counting on you to be an outstretched hand for these families, victims of the whims of the weather and the state of our planet!

Who is Un Verre d'Eau?

Un Verre d'eau is a French endowment fund created in 2020 whose objective is to shine a spotlight on critical humanitarian situations and on the action of local associative actors. Discover more

What is our practical approach?

Un Verre d'Eau start with a detailed survey of the needs during a humanitarian crisis. A visit is then made to ensure the due diligence of local charities and to preserve the dignity of the beneficiaries. Thanks to our network of professionals, Un Verre d'Eau finally design a media campaign to highlight the urgency of a situation and the projects that target this emergency. LEARN MORE

Where do my donations go?

The donations from this campaign will be fully distributed to our partner associations and beneficiaries. Un Verre d'Eau does not take any operational costs from your donations. If you want to help Un Verre d'Eau to help others, you can donate through our dedicated campaign. Find out more

How can I help ?

A donation is the most effective way to equip Un Verre d'Eau and its partners in Lebanon. However, you can also help us by sharing the campaign with those around you or on social media.

Can I receive a tax receipt?

We issue tax receipts to all donors, however not all donors will be able to benefit from a tax deduction.

Individuals located in France will benefit from a tax reduction. Donors residing in the European Union can also benefit from a tax reduction if their country of origin allows it. On the other hand, donors residing outside the European Union cannot claim a tax reduction in their country of origin.

Can I donate by bank transfer, SEPA or check?

Bank transfer:
IBAN: FR83 2004 1010 1507 0852 0R03 652
Postal bank

SEPA transfer:
You can make a SEPA transfer directly on our Donorbox donation platform.

Check order: Un Verre d'Eau
Address to :
Donor relationship
9 route de l'Orbieu
11330 Vignevieille - France

Do not forget to put the mention "Lebanon" on the back of the check or in the reference of the transfer!

Is my payment secure?

Our donation solution, Donorbox, uses Stripe's secure token mechanism. Card numbers are tokenized (the number is replaced by an indecipherable string, ie: `tok_fafds23423 ') before debiting the card. Registered cards and bank accounts for recurring donations are also tokenized. As a result, Donorbox and Un Verre d'Eau have no record of the donor's card number in their database. This means that hackers will never get sensitive banking information from us.

Can I make my donation in currencies other than the euro?

Your donations can be made in euros, pounds sterling, dollars, Canadian dollars and Swiss francs.

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