Milk to save babies in Chad

Milk to save babies in Chad

The Betsaleel team has been involved for 50 years with vulnerable babies in Chad to offer them, much more than milk, a chance to survive. Together we can support them.


Chad is the second most food insecure country in the world. Almost 40% of its population is undernourished.

And babies are the first victims of hunger. Undernourished, anemic, mothers are often not able to breastfeed them. Without money, families cannot afford the milk their babies need.

Betsaleel has been working on site for 50 years to respond to emergencies and allow these babies to be fed, cared for and thrive in better conditions.

The "Milk to save babies in Chad" project is for us the possibility of supporting these families and giving these babies a future.



  • 3 million people are food insecure.
  • 1 in 5 children under 5 suffer from malnutrition.
  • 60% of the population lives below the poverty line.
  • 43% of infant mortality is linked to malnutrition.
  • Due to the drought, 90% of Lake Chad has disappeared.

“We are in a food emergency and we fear the worst. "
Alexis, orphan cared for by Betsaleel, now coordinator


Every day, 200 families come to the N'Djamena and Koumra centers. The team then begins a fight for the survival of each of these babies.

But the emergency is daily and unfortunately, sometimes there is no more milk in stock. The families then leave without a solution.


However, with 40 €, a baby receives the milk he needs for a month

“The action carried out by the NGO Betsaleel in favor of the destitute and vulnerable is humanitarian and life-saving, it appeals to everyone. "
NGO Directorate in Chad


The entire Betsaleel team is committed to improving practices.

Training is offered to families on site but also in the villages.


The teams talk about food, hygiene and vaccination.

Thanks to this action, behavior is changing and child malnutrition is on the decline in many villages.

“I learned a lot of things necessary for the survival of the child. I in turn want to advise my friends and neighbors ”
Thank you, mother of 4 children


Nathalie Ndouba had been taken care of at the Koumra orphanage from birth. Now an adult, she has become a referral nurse and joined the Betsaleel teams.


At his side, nurses, social workers, administrative manager and director, all Chadians, welcome babies and their families every day.

Thanks to your donations, we will be able to support their investment alongside undernourished babies.

“Words fail me to express my joy. I doubted the child's survival but now I am reassured because he is out of danger. Big thanks. "
Claire, Holouma's aunt


How is the care of a baby going?

When a baby arrives at the N'Djamena or Koumra center, he is greeted by a nurse, who will weigh and measure him. If he is severely malnourished, he is hospitalized. But whenever possible, he comes home with his family with the milk he needs.

Each week, he returns to the center to control his weight and growth and thus ensure regular follow-up.

How many children are taken care of in the centers?

Every day 200 children consult the Betsaleel teams. About thirty children are hospitalized full time for a period ranging from 3 to 10 weeks. In total, the teams follow 12 children each year.

How can I help?

You can help by praying and supporting the Betsaleel project:

  •     Pray for the needs of Chadian babies and their families.
  •     Share this page with your friends by email or on social networks.
  •     Do not hesitate to share this project in your parish, your community or your prayer group.

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How much of this collection is donated to the Betsaleel association?

100% of the funds we receive are allocated to the operation Milk to save babies in Chad

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