If God is a reality for you, generosity, compassion, love therefore have a deep and spiritual meaning, it is therefore fundamental and essential for you to express them concretely. Not for any remuneration or the assurance of redemption, but in addition to the happiness of obeying, for the obviousness of a generous remuneration inevitably leading to an unequaled peace of mind.

Some philosophers and psychologists for decades have scrutinized human behavior for whether genuine altruism exists and whether it can be viewed as non-selfish personal worth.
They have commonly come to the conclusion that selfless love is a personal value and, moreover, it seems to be rewarding and vastly rewarding.

In 1964 the biologist William Donald Hamilton in his theory on the selection of Kinship for which he obtained many prestigious prizes and which is a reference in sociobiology, demonstrates that in nature, for its simplest as well as the most complex mechanisms, the altruism is a necessity for the survival of a species.

It is indisputable that selfless love, altruism, empathy are not just social or religious values ​​but they are universal values.

We are obviously neither the first nor the only ones to think that it is essential to try to escape selfishness in order to turn to others.
Here are some thoughts.