Appreciating and respecting the richness of cultural differences is essential in an increasingly divided world which nevertheless needs us to be united to face the many challenges of tomorrow. A Glass of Water wants to defend this diversity at the heart of our identities, whether religious, ethnic or even sexual.

The Rohingyas, the Uyghurs, the Christians of the East, the LGBT communities in Sub-Saharan Africa… the last few years have been marked by persecution! They unfortunately remind us that the worst moments in our history can happen again and that the fight is far from over!

Too many women and men are still persecuted today because of their affiliations or their beliefs. That is why we are committed to always defending them. Whether they are victims of discrimination, expelled, or marginalized from society, they will always have priority in our actions and in the criteria for selecting our partners.

Don't let intolerance dictate the worth of a human being!

Intolerance breeds intolerance. She incites her victims to seek revenge. In order to fight intolerance, we must realize the link between our behavior and the vicious circle of mistrust and violence in society.
United Nations


The Hay el Gharbeh slum is home to one of the largest Dom groups in Beirut. This community is an ethnic minority that has lived in Lebanon and the Middle East region for centuries.

Most of the Dom in Lebanon were naturalized in the early 1990s. Despite this, they still suffer from systematic discrimination and live on the complete margins of society in extreme precariousness which has only worsened with the current crisis. .

Tahaddi, an educational, social and medical center is located in the heart of the slum where this community lives. And it is with dedication that the entire staff of the center takes care of this population and these children. READ MORE

The Dom and their children in Lebanon
Land of Men, 2011