A word from the president

Famine, drought, persecution, illiteracy, natural disasters, wars, not a day goes by that we are not challenged by the fate of their innocent victims.

What to do ? How to do ? Is it really useful?

With Un Verre d'Eau's team , we decided to act and allow ourselves to dream, that one drop at a time, we too can bring a glimmer of hope where it has died out.

There is no shortage of subjects and the needs are enormous, so we want to make our contribution, and reach out to those who are sometimes forgotten.

Because today is the time to do it, because we believe that any generous and benevolent initiative is precious, we took the plunge!

Our first campaign to come to the aid of the Lebanese struck by a terrible economic crisis, marks the beginning of our adventure.

Generosity brings joy to the one who receives, but even more to the one who gives, so let us fill ourselves with joy so that it overflows around us. It is our mission through the endowment fund, feel free join us on this journey.

For the Un Verre d'Eau team
Nathalie TEXIER

This is how in 2020 the endowment fund a glass of water was born. Its objective is to use its know-how to highlight situations that seem forgotten because they are not important enough to interest the media. Its objective is also to put the women and men who act in the field in the spotlight so that they can be supported by collective generosity.

Un Verre d'Eau is made up of a board of directors, a technical team and works in collaboration with a network of partners for the implementation of these campaigns organized around 4 main axes: Emergency Fund, persecution , social and cultural.

  • He acts out of love for the other, without expecting anything in return.  
  • Above all, it aims for efficiency in order to respond as quickly as possible to needs and emergencies.
  • It is non-profit and its members are all volunteers.
  • It exists thanks to the generosity of its donors.
  • The donations received are entirely returned to the beneficiaries of the campaigns.