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Too many children could not go to school in 2020 because of the pandemic. This is the reason why just over 100 million children in grades 2020 to 2024 fell below the minimum reading level in XNUMX. Exceptional efforts are needed to bring the reading level back up by now. XNUMX.

Progress in terms of education is still far from the objectives. The objective set by the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 is that 100% of girls and boys achieve a minimum level of reading and mathematics. Today, this rate is only 59%. Many barriers still stand in the education of children (especially girls) and the means are not up to the objectives.

Developing countries lack adequate educational infrastructure for their younger generation. 44% of schools do not have access to drinking water, 67% to electricity and 60% to a hand washing facility. These gaps prevent children from receiving a quality education.

  • Progress made in education during for the last 20 years have been completely wiped out by the pandemic.
  • Only 59% of children third-graders are able to read. Far from the 100% objective set for 2030 by the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • More than half of the countries still have lower completion rates for girls.

Source: UN Stats, The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2021


Un Verre d'Eau is currently supporting Tahaddi's action through the campaign "Let's offer respite and hope to the Lebanese!" ". It is a social and medical educational center in the heart of an extremely poor slum in Beirut, Lebanon. Tahaddi's vision is to be a place where young people will acquire the skills and values ​​necessary to overcome poverty and integrate socially.

These young people have not been able to enter school at the required age, often for economic reasons, or do not have the necessary skills to enter a public school program that is sometimes too demanding for disadvantaged children. Tahaddi also welcomes young people who left school very early. READ MORE

Tahaddi programs

  • Educational program : The educational center welcomes children who have not attended school or who have dropped out of school, coming from a very poor background and who cannot go to public school. Since 2012, Tahaddi has also been welcoming children displaced from Syria.
  • Vocational training : After at least 5 years full-time in the Tahaddi program, the young people are oriented towards vocational training. Learning a trade is the best way out of poverty.
  • Homework assistance program : The official Lebanese program is particularly difficult for children in the neighborhood who cannot be helped by their parents and thus lack the support necessary to succeed.
  • Literacy program : Tahaddi is open to older children as well as parents who want to learn to read and write. This literacy program is offered daily.