Studies show that 1.2 billion people will be extremely vulnerable to climate change in 2050 and will potentially be forced to migrate. These vulnerabilities fall into two categories:

  • Food insecurity, water scarcity and population growth
  • Natural disasters (floods, drought, cyclones ...) and rise of the thermometer

In addition, the lack of resources generated by the deregulation risks causing a rise in geopolitical tensions and an intensification of conflicts.

This is why Un Verre d'Eau has set up an emergency fund. The aim is to be able to respond immediately to the basic needs of populations affected by a natural disaster or conflict. These needs can be diverse and varied but mainly concern access to water, food, shelter, sanitation and care.

This fund is supplied over time, by specific donations, by dedicated campaigns and possibly by surpluses that could come from other completed campaigns.


On May 22, 2021, the Nyiragongo volcano erupted followed by lava flows that destroyed three villages and a neighborhood in the city of Goma. Almost 3,500 houses were destroyed and 20,000 people were made homeless in one day.

Our friends and partners of Inter Developpement et Solidarités have a branch in Bukavu and were able to quickly take care of the thousands of destitute people who came to their door. Naturally, Un Verre d'Eau has contributed financially to their aid to the extent of our means and we hope to be able to do so with our other partners thanks to your donations.